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Jun 21 2018

Welcome to WINSOL
Benchmark of Maintenance Chemistry
Since 1970

1417 NW 51st ST Seattle WA. 98107

800-782-5501 – North America
206-782-5500 – Worldwide

We have four decades of experience formulating and producing high-quality chemical compounds for private labeling projects as well as our own product lines. Carpet shampoos, upholstery cleaners, odor control products for pet problems and general deodorizing, glass cleaners, awning products and many other product lines have made us an industry leader. All of our products are made exclusively with food or cosmetic grade chemicals and are made with environmental safety in mind.

Please follow the links below to explore our product lines and please phone, fax or E-Mail for more information

deodorizers, shampoos, extraction cleaners, spot and stain removers,traffic lane cleaners, enzyme cleaners, pet odor eliminators, stainrepellents, soil retardants, spin bonnet cleaners, steam cleaners andmuch more

You can have your own private labeled spotter as a leave behind itemto promote your business. This is the most effective method ever to build referrals, increase return business and build your profits.

glass cleaners, glass clearing agents, polycarbonate clearing agents water spots, streaks, haze or glass corrosion

Shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, hair sprays, shower gels and many other spa quality care products

awning cleaners, sealers, waterproofers, UV protectants and revinylizers, all types of vinyl cleaners and maintenance products for vinyl awnings and fabric awnings and all types of canopies and canvas

turnout gear cleaners, heavy duty spotters for all types of bunkergear, hose cleaner, training foam, disinfectants, wetting agents for wild fires, specialty fabric cleaners, hazmat garment cleaner, everything needed to maintain a firefighter’s health and safety by cleaninghelmets, gloves and all personal protective equipment

chemical R D, private labeling, custom formulations for all types ofcleaning chemicals: surfactants, emulsifiers, sequestriants, chelatesand many types of wetting agents

vendor number and how-to-use tables

solvents and special cleaners for aerospace, electronic manufacturers,general manufacturing, metal cleaners and most types of industrialcleaners

janitorial supplies, cleaners, deodorizers, warehouse and concretecleaners, floor cleaners, degreasers, food area cleaners, smoke andfire damage restoration, floor strippers, all purpose cleaners, ceilingcleaners and sports facility cleaners

Our MERLIN line of cleaners for schools, government facilities andlarge businesses

Cleaners for clothing, hard surfaces, painted walls and all yourfamilies belongings, smoke and soot removers

Professional strength products for the control of pet odors and allother types of organic odor problems. Use our exclusive odorquestionnaire for personalizedhelp via email.

Products for those who specialize in cleaning up the biological remains as well as the heavy soiling left behind at crime scenes and disasters.

Fantastic all-in-one cleaner for interior and exterior cleaning. The idealproduct for all marine and RV applications. Save money. Save space.

Membrane Roof Cleaning

Safe, effective, environmentally sound cleaning for membrane roofs on houses, business fronts or sports arenas

WINSOL innovation for those who want to maintain solar panel arrays

Contacts to distributors, friends, associations and some fun stuff

The latest products from our R D staff

Recent photos WINSOL products being used in the field.

Click here for local maps to find our facilities



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