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Jul 31 2017

Canada’s Best MBAs: The Top 10 MBA Schools Ranked by Reputation #top #mba #programs #in


Canada’s Best MBAs: The Top 10 MBA Schools Ranked by Reputation

Canada’s Best MBAs: The Top 10 Programs by Reputation

An MBA is an investment in your future. A strong program doesn’t just teach you how to read a balance sheet or lead a team—it opens doors and creates opportunities for its graduates. That’s why reputation matters: having a recognizable MBA on your resumé from a school that potential employers know and trust is a competitive advantage.

We partnered with Rogers Consumer insights to survey 1,000 MBA grads, students, parents, human resources professionals and corporate recruiters to gauge their perceptions of Canada’s MBA schools. We measured name recognition, perceptions of quality and other metrics to arrive at a comprehensive reputation score. Here are Canada’s Top 10 MBA Schools by Reputation .

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