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Apr 16 2018

Cloud Computing with VMware Cloud Technology

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Unlock Greater Value from Cloud Computing

We are committed to helping you adopt a hybrid cloud strategy that drives digital business transformation. With the VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture, we are harnessing the power of clouds, making them ready for enterprise use cases by extending the capabilities of our private cloud technologies. So now you can run, manage, connect and secure your applications across multiple private and public clouds and devices – including apps running natively on the leading public clouds.

The VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture

See how VMware’s Cross-Cloud Architecture helps you avoid cloud silos, giving you both freedom and control in IT infrastructure.

The VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture supports IT’s adoption of public or private clouds without creating cloud silos.

This new architecture—delivered by VMware Cloud Foundation, new Cross-Cloud services that VMware is developing, and the vRealize cloud management platform —provide a control plane for common management, policies, networking, and security across private and public clouds. The VMware vRealize Suite cloud management platform and VMware NSX are also key components of the Cross-Cloud Architecture.

IT organizations can discover what services exist across different clouds, and enforce security and governance while efficiently managing costs.

The VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture enables businesses to more seamlessly build and operate cloud-native applications by managing the provisioning and Day 2 management of cloud-native cluster frameworks. Effectively, IT can provide these frameworks as services to their app teams on the cloud of their choice, with freedom and control.

VMware Cloud Foundation

Cloud Foundation is our new unified SDDC platform for private and public clouds. Simplify how IT stands up and maintains private and hybrid clouds while making them easier for developers to use for innovation.

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