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Jul 22 2017

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This is a complete Honeywell security system, it is designed to provide the best protection possible. It is designed with a master control panel that is sperate from the keypad and siren and also hidden so intruders can’t smash or disarm it before it sends its signals.
The all in one box systems can easily be bypassed by pulling them off the wall or smashing them. With the Honeywell system professionally installed, this can’t happen. Intruders can pull the keypad off the wall smash it, pull and smash the siren and the system is still going to work.

_ _ Our Hardwired Package

This is our most popular system, because it’s such a great value and offers solid protection. It’s an ideal system, you can always add more features, like fire, carbon monoxide and flood protection, as you decide you need or want them. This system provides six zones of protection. Your wired security system Package ncludes:

Master Control Panel

This is the brains of your system, it contains the main computer, and the electronics that communicate with the Monitoring Station. It is always installed in a hidden out of the way location adding to the overall security of your home.


The push button Touch-pad is easy to use and clearly indicates the status of your system. A 4-digit code is all it takes to activate and program your system. Usually placed near the main entrance.

Up to 3 Door Contacts

These should go on entry points. When an intruder kicks in your door the Siren goes off and the system tells us what area they broke into.

Interior Motion Detector

I n the event an intruder does break in undetected, this is your second line of defense. It’s best installed in a hallway leading to the master bedroom.

All of our new systems include:

1 Battery Backup
Interior 115-Decibel Siren
1 Automatic Telephone Dialer
1 Phone Tamper Protection
A Yard Sign and Window Stickers
Please look in the middle column for their

No equipment substitutions or rebates on unused equipment

Hy-bred or combination systems

Some homes require a combination of both wired and wireless. With Honeywell equipment mixing and matching is easy. You may have a home where most of the doors can be wired, but because of a room addition some components have to be wireless. With Honeywell that’s never a problem.

Wired Verses Wireless
If a home can be wired or pre-wired during construction it is ideally the best way to go. Wired equipment is less expensive and there are no batteries to change. A wired system requires more installation time, but in many cases the door or window contacts aren’t even visible.

Wireless can do everything a wired system can. With today’s technology a wireless system is every bit as good as a wired system. However, the cost of wireless is higher. All of the security devices work just like their wired counterparts. However, they must also include a radio transmitter to send signals and they also need programming technology to be able to send trouble, tamper and low battery signals. This addition to the equipment means added cost to the Equipment.
Some wireless equipment is double the cost of wired. Most of the equipment is just 20% to 30% higher. Wired systems also require changing the batteries. Most batteries last 4 to 6 years and are easy to change and inexpensive. Also, there is the added cost of the RF Receiver or RF Keypad required to receive and process the signals. See the pricing difference below.

Additional equipment pricing

Wired Door contact $25.00
Wireless door transmitter $54.00
Wired motion detector $51.00
Wireless motion detector $115
Wired smoke heat detector $75.00
Wireless smoke heat detector $105.00
Regular Keypad $95.00
RF Keypad $168.00
4 button remote 1st one is $100.00
4 button remote each additional $50.00
Wired glass break detector $81.00
Wireless glass break detector $123.00

Note: Either a RF Keypad or a RF Receiver is required for wireless equipment.

Please call 405-947-3377 for a quote for your home
Ask about our Package discounts.

Essential Hardwired Package $199.00
Essential Wireless Package $299.00

No equipment substitutions or rebates on unused equipment.

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