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May 18 2018

Glass Block Basement Windows – Eastern Glass Block

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Glass Block Basement Windows

Glass Block Basement Windows improve your home s security, energy efficiency and privacy.

Secure like bricks, translucent like pane windows. It s the best of both!

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Benefits of Glass Block Windows

Security It is very difficult to break glass blocks. Some products offer additional security features.

Energy Efficiency 10 times more energy efficient than most basement or bathroom windows in older homes. Standard glass block have the energy efficiency approximately equal to most thermal pane windows.

Cost Effective Installed cost is usually the same or less than other window replacement options. Reduce the risk of lawsuits by adding exhaust fans to provide more environmentally friendly lower floor living space.

Maintenance Free There is no need to caulk these windows after they are installed.

Privacy Glass block is often used to increase privacy of window openings while not sacrificing light transmission.

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Security with over 50 years of proven performance, your glass block panels are available preassembled. We can help answer all of your questions and offer professional assistance. You can choose standard sizes (dimensions in modules of 8 ) or custom sizes, with or without ventilation.

Save Energy with Low Maintenance

Glass block windows eliminate the need for storm windows and reduce the energy required for heating and air conditioning.

With glass block windows, you can forget about painting, caulking and puttying. There s nothing to peel, rot or rust. To clean, simply hose the outside and wipe the inside lightly with a damp cloth.

Choose from multiple distinct patterns. each offering its own unique style, degree of light transmission and privacy. Perfect for replacement, new-window and small-partition applications, preassembled panels are available with or without fresh air or dryer vents.

Ice pattern non-directional pattern lets light in without sacrificing privacy. Maximum light transmission/medium to maximum privacy.

Wavy pattern with its trademark wavy undulations, provides maximum light transmission with subtle visual distortion.

Basement Windows Installation Instructions(PDF)

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