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Jun 25 2017

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Home Organizing Services

Every object you own requires some amount of your attention, care, money and time. Our job is to help you lead a more productive and fulfilling life by lessening the amount of stuff that depletes your energy and detracts from your beautiful surroundings.

Let The Pea create orderly and calm surroundings for you to enjoy each day.

Complete Home Reorganization

No more endless searching for misplaced items! The Pea will organize all the rooms in your home. Each room will be analyzed and set up to suit your own personal needs and to make sure you can keep the room in tip top shape in the future.

Closet, Garage and Storage Organizing

The project you keep putting off the project you just can t face let The Pea take care of it for you! We organize all indoor and outdoor storage areas.

Household Cleanout Projects

Don t know where to start? From partial reorganizing to a full clean sweep, let The Pea handle your biggest cleanouts! We manage most common household projects and create storage and design solutions to fit your space and needs. We will also help dispose of trash and items for donation.

Moving and Relocation Projects

Planning to relocate? The Pea will save you the money and hassles of moving unwanted items. We will help get your house ready to sell and set up your new home efficiently. Services include packing, home staging, unpacking and setting up all the rooms in your new home.

Filing and Paper Management Systems

Is your house cluttered with piles of paper? The Pea will put the office back in home office. Whether you work from home or just need to keep your monthly bills and mail organized, we will help set up a system that is easy to use and maintain.

Inventory of Household Assets

Pea Organizing provides a complete inventory of all household items for your insurance needs and peace of mind. You receive both paper and computerized copies.

Photo and Memorabilia Organizing

Photos, CDs, collections, recipes, memorabilia we organize it all! There is a reason you hold onto these items but at the same time you do not want them to overtake your entire home. Let us help systematize your collection in a way that lets you more fully enjoy your treasures.

Clutter takes away the beauty, peace and function of a home. It can become overwhelming and sometimes even depressing, destructive and

The Pea can help you see past the clutter and create a realistic plan to get your HOME back.

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