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Jun 25 2017

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Industry Specific Solutions

Mintel Beauty & Personal Care

Mintel deals with the top global beauty brands and our beauty industry research experts know the trends, innovations and the customers.

Mintel Household & Personal Care

Mintel Household and Personal Care is our premium service for Household Market Research: home, personal care and OTC health industries.

Our Food & Drink Market Research supplies the food and drink industries with leading analysis and intelligence.

Custom Solutions

From market assessment to portfolio evaluation, Mintel Consulting can give you a fresh viewpoint backed by rigorous data and insight you can trust.

We can call on a global network of more than 25,000 field associates in more than 130 countries to deliver the intelligence you need.

Mintel Press Office

Mintel’s global PR team are able to provide journalists with research and data to support articles, arrange interviews with Mintel’s expert analysts and provide press copies of Mintel reports.

Contact the Press Office

Latest Press Releases

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Report Types

Each consumer report offers the primary research and in-depth data found in our market data reports alongside expert insights, trend analysis and market forecasting

Mintel’s Market Data Reports offer a quick and in-depth look at a market, providing Market Sizes, Market shares, Industry insights and 5 years forecasts.

Report by Industry

Welcome to Mintel

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