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May 18 2018

Most Exciting Jobs: Exciting Careers That Pay Well, exciting careers.#Exciting #careers

Most Exciting Jobs: Exciting Careers That Pay Well

If you believe you have to work long hours and you have to sacrifice family commitments and enjoyment to have exciting careers that pay well you’d be wrong.

There are all kinds of exciting careers for men and all kinds of exciting careers for women that leave you with plenty of time for family and friends, and let’s not forget vacations.

If you are concerned about your financial future you’ll want to check out these most exciting jobs that pay well.

Getting a career that is both exciting and well paying is not as hard to find as you might think.

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Exciting Careers That Pay Well

Many of today’s young people want to do something different, something that’s not like what their parent might have done.

They need not worry as there are exciting jobs for young people, and some of the most exciting jobs in the world can be found right here in America.

Let’s have a look at some of these well paid exciting careers.

If you are a Sherlock Holmes or James Bond fan, perhaps the perfect career for you is as a detective doing something good and taking care of society. Being a detective is considered one of the most exciting jobs that pay well around the world.

If you have already worked for the police or the government you have the opportunity to later become a detective. Detectives deal with drug lords, criminals, crimes of violence, and homicides. This is a tough career but it’s rewarding, exciting, and pays well.

Men and women love to take to the sky, and so choosing an exciting career that pays well as an airline pilot just makes sense. Being an airline pilot is a tough career but it can certainly be rewarding and it offers plenty of benefits besides flying the plane. There is all kinds of travel and plenty of travel perks like discounted tickets. There are plenty of opportunities for growth as an airline pilot.

It’s a well known fact that nursing offers exciting careers for women and men alike. By 2015 it is anticipated that more than 60,000 nurses will be needed, making this the occupation with the largest number of employees. If you like to help others, and like to carry out selfless acts a career in nursing can be both rewarding and exciting, and let’s not forget to mention paying well. Nurses work in private and public facilities as well as care facilities and for large corporations that have on staff nurses.

Accountants remain in the top ten paying positions in America.

Many think being an accountant is boring but that’s not true at all. Accounting is actually an exciting career that involves working with many different types of clients, or in a corporate atmosphere. There’s far more to being an accountant than working with numbers. This career is a popular choice for both men and women. There are also different types of accountants that carry out different types of accounting practices.

Additional List of Exciting Jobs

Some other ideas for exciting careers that might be of your interest include.

Careers associated with creativity:

  • Movie Producer
  • Music
  • Painting
  • Computer Graphics
  • Movie and Theater: Actor/Actress
  • Web designing
  • 3d modeling and animation
  • Art Director
  • Management Consulting
  • Managing projects
  • Financial Advisor
  • Sales
  • Business/marketing development
  • Brand manager

Fun and Interesting Careers:

  • Media: advertising, publishing, Internet, TV producers
  • Entertainment Jobs: promotion, film,
  • Fashion Model
  • Flight attendant, cabin crew, Cruise Ship
  • Journalist
  • Public relation
  • Blogging
  • Photographer

Careers require designing, programming and planning:

There you have it – the most exciting jobs that pay well are readily available.

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