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Mar 22 2018


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Scanner Scare Terror Text Messages

August 24, 2016. The Scanner Scare supervisor in Rockville Main office strikes again. This time, sending a threatening Terror Text message to a CCA.

Send your scanner pictures and TEXT messages to the email address at the bottom of the page.

Historical eReassign National Postings

Click HERE to apply. Click SEARCH NOW, type in CCA, select the state and Delivery/Customer Service. Only works with Internet Explorer.

Special Route Inspections

Handbook, M-39, 271.g: If over any 6 consecutive week period (where work performance is
otherwise satisfactory) a route shows over 30 minutes of overtime or
auxiliary assistance on each of 3 days or more in each week during this
period, the regular carrier assigned to such route shall, upon request,
receive a special mail count and inspection to be completed within 4
weeks of the request.
Request for a Special Inspection
In addition to submitting your request to your postmaster, mail a copy of your request for a Specila Inspection to the Operations and Programs Support Manager in your District. Include documentation showing that your route qualifies for the Special Inspection. This would be copies of the DOIS Workhour/Workload Report for your route covering at least a six week period. Your shop steward can request this information and assist you in identyfing the days that your route was over 8.50 hours during the required period.

District Manager: Salvatore N. Vacca, 900 Brentwood Road, NE, Washington, DC 20066

NALC Branch 3825 Picnic, Sunday August 6

Untimely Pay Adjustment Results in an Additional $1980 to the Grievant and $1500 to the Branch

Demonstrated Performance Tool DPT

Branch 3825 Is Awarded Large Monetary Settlements For Various Contract Violations

Checks to Branch 3825 for Repetitive Filing and Receipt of Untimely Grievance Payments

Capital District FMLA Submitting Information

New. Convention 2016, 2017 Branch Picnic Pictures more by Raj Babra

A Grand Alliance to save USPS
Customer Rights
when the Postal Service
Solicits to Change the Mode of Mail Delivery

Kirk Douglas, December, 2014

Non-Career Employee Turnover OIG Report

OIG Report: City Carriers Returning after 5 PM in Capital District

USPS OIG Report: The USPS is not prepared to handle the projected increase in parcel volume. Carrier (CCA) retention needs to improve from the 19% attrition rate and vehicle modifications are needed. Full report, pdf.

USPS OIG: Employee Retirement Options .pdf

OIG Report on Unauthorized Overtime PDF

Management Advisory – Management of City Letter Carriers’ Street Performance(PDF) An OIG Report Covering DOIS Reports, Evaluated Routes and GPS Devices

Annapolis, Maryland injured carrier discovers video camera attached to a utility pole outside his home.

A close-up of the camera and a shot of the camera attached to the pole. We were informed that this camera has been removed. The author of this story believes that this publicity may have expedited the removal process.

Read an e-mail we received from former National NALC President, 1968-1977, Jim Rademacher.

Video of picketing at USPS Headquarters, L Enfant Plaza, April 16, 2007.

April 16, 2007 video of marchers staging on the mall and the march to USPS headquarters.

Branch 3825 Information

Arbitration, Step A B Decisions

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