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Jul 4 2018

Blind Melon – Bee Girl – Grows Up, Has Eye On Acting Career, acting career.#Acting

Blind Melon ‘Bee Girl’ Grows Up, Has Eye On Acting Career Heather DeLoach says she’ll never live down the video, and that’s fine with her. No matter what Heather DeLoach does for the rest of her life short of, say, becoming president she will always be known as the “Bee Girl.” Hell, maybe even if she becomes president. And that’s just fine with her. The name might not sound familiar, but if you’ve ever seen the classic 1993 video for [artist id=”1039″]Blind Melon[/artist]’s you know exactly who she is. DeLoach is the adorable, spectacle-wearing, chubby 10-year-old who tap-dances around in …

Feb 3 2018

Acting Classes in Los Angeles, The Acting Center, The New School for Actors, acting jobs.#Acting

Los Angeles Acting Classes There are many acting classes in Los Angeles, but The Acting Center is an acting school like no other and considered one of the best by top industry professionals. The Acting Center is a new acting and improv school based on a rediscovered technique buried for the last 80 years. We are an acting studio that produces uniformly confident, completely certain actors who can create any character — in any emotion, in any situation—instantly. This Hollywood acting school is for actors of every level of skill and ability. It is for the most advanced actor and …

Dec 27 2017

Public Speaking Classes NYC, acting workshop nyc.#Acting #workshop #nyc

# Public Speaking Center of NY To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom. Bertrand Russell Director/ Instructor – Charles diCagno Guide for mastering public speaking and related anxiety – $25 Practical advice for managing public speaking and related anxiety Tuesday 6:30 PM / Wednesday 6:30 PM Thursday 6:00 PM / Friday 6:00 PM / Saturday 10:00 AM Attend as often as your schedule allows. Bottom Line: The Program Works! You are not Alone! Those Already Enrolled See, first hand, if the program is right for you. Attend a session to witness why the program is so effective at increasing …