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Jul 4 2018

Advanced Data Governance

#data #governance #tools # Although there are numerous areas of focus and a variety of ways to implement Data Governance programs, some of the most fundamental prerequisites for such a program include: Definitions: Determining what attributes key data terms consist of, and providing a degree of consistency in how those terms are used and how the data that represents them are governed. Roles: Designating who is supposed to be doing what with an organization’s data, including various levels of access and responsibilities that each member of the enterprise has in regards to the different types of data it ingests and …

Nov 14 2017

Defining Organizational Structures – The Data Governance Institute #data #center #governance

# Defining Organizational Structures There is no single right way to organize Data Governance and Stewardship. Some organizations have distinct Data Governance programs. Others embed Data Governance activities into Data Quality or Master Data Management programs. Still others adopt formal Data Governance as a service offered by evolving Enterprise Data Management (EDM) or Enterprise Information Management (EIM) programs. In these cases, best practice says that it important to carry out key governance activities, regardless of how you ve labeled them. Likewise, while program structures generally vary from organization to organization, they all tend to follow a generic pattern. Most organizations …

Aug 27 2017

Deticated servers #terraria, #terra, #aria, #informatica, #ambiente, #territorio, #gis, #bi, #business #intelligence, #protezione #civile, #j3,

# TerrAria was born in 1999 in Milan by the experience of a working group committed to the development of an innovative territorial-environmental information system capable of supporting the decision-maker in his planning function. TerrAria now counts on the contribution of a close-knit and multi-disciplinary team with an articulated know-how: computer scientists, physicists, planners and environmental and energy engineers. TerrAria’s team is able to respond with qualified competence to the needs expressed by public bodies, research institutes and private operators in the field of environmental sustainability and energy efficiency, in the field of the strategic and impact assessments, and in …