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Mar 22 2018

Tax Issues, NBAA – National Business Aviation Association, tax issues.#Tax #issues


Tax Issues

Tax issues

Tax issues

NBAA’s tax publications and related documents on this site are intended to provide you with an introduction to relevant U.S. Federal and state tax rules, Federal Aviation Regulations and other rules that impact business aviation. Since the materials are necessarily general in nature, they are no substitute for the advice of your legal and tax advisors addressing a specific set of facts that you may face.

  • Tax issues

Federal Taxes

In-depth resources on issues such as the Federal Excise Tax on fuel or on the transportation of persons or property, passive activity losses, and the deductibility of charitable flights. Learn More.

  • Tax issues

    State Taxes

    NBAA State Aviation Tax Report and information on sales and use taxes, fuel taxes, property taxes, and additional state-specific issues. Learn More.

  • Tax issues

    International Taxes

    Information on foreign taxation policies that may impact operators of U.S. registered aircraft. Learn More.

  • Tax issues


    In-depth resources on the applicable depreciation schedules for business aircraft and issues such as the deductibility of heavy maintenance. Learn More.

  • Tax issues

    Non-Business Use of Employer Provided Aircraft

    Information on the applicable FAA, IRS and SEC regulations that a company must consider when making its aircraft available to employees for reasons not directly related to the business of the company. Learn More.

    Other Tax Resources

    NBAA Tax Conference

    The premier educational opportunity to learn about the latest tax and regulatory issues for business aviation.

    NBAA Tax Committee

    The Committee’s efforts are focused in the area of taxes affecting business aircraft and the impact of IRS, FAA and SEC Rules.

    On-Demand Education

    Some tax-related education sessions from NBAA events are offered online as a pay-per-view product, or via video CD-ROM.

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